Web Design


Responsive Web DesignYour website will adapt the layout to the viewing device used by its recipient, like a cell phone, smartfon or tablet

WordPressYou will administrate your website by a friendly, easy-use control panel. You’ll be able to manage the texts, media, menu, forms and colors in just one and the same control panel

SEO optimizationWe will optimaze your website, so it will be more friendly and clear to any internet search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

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Web Design


Your website will adapt the layout to the viewing device used by its recipient, like a cell phone, smartfon or tablet


You will administrate your website by a friendly, easy-use control panel in your national language


We will optimaze your site, so it will be more friendly and clear to any internet search engine, e.g. Google

Language versions

You will be able to adjust the content of your website, to your foreign customer, by multiple language versions between which you can toggle


You will be able to administrate all of the page content - texts, media, menu, forms, colors ect. in just one and the same control panel

Web security

We will take care of the safety of your website by implementing mechanisms which will protect your website against malware


You will be able to add to your website social plugins of your favorite social media, e.g. twitter, facebook, google+


Your website will be connected to a system which will count site visits to explore the efficiency of conducted promotion


The visitors of your website will be able to subscribe newsletter



Business starts from a domain, therefore we will help you to choose your domain, at which it will operate your website. We will also help you to pick out a proper and inexpensive server, where the files and database creating your website will be stored. If you haven’t got your own server yet, you can use our hosting. If you just started with your business, we will help you to create a brand.

Content updating

We will help you to solve the problems associated with content updating. We will explain to you how to add texts and upload medias to achieve the desired effect. You can also outsource us to update the websigt on the basis of the materials send by e-mail.

Website lifting

Over time, the page layout may not completely reflect the idea of business as well as in the beginning. Not only that the tastes to the aesthetic side are changing, but also the economic realities in which we operate. We are entering new markets, expanding the offer, changing specialization, and sometimes change the entire profile of activity. In these situations often it’s enough to change a little the layout of the page, so when visiting again to feel like home.

Page functioning

For the same reasons as the next mentioned, there is a need to add or change of the page functioning, eg. adding a special presentation of products or services, the addition of different layouts for entries category pages, add custom fields in the pages, page layout variations for different user roles, adding a module for special forms, adding webstore features. In such situations we’re also at your disposal.

Phases of the web design process


The first step you need to take, is to tell us what kind of website you want us to create for you, e.g. a website for your organization, an e-shop, an E-CV, a portfolio, a social platform, a special service for your project ect. You must be very specific about the functions you want on your website and determine its layout i.e. the color type, fonts, decors and also the location of each element and the content of the website. The better you’ll do it, the faster we’ll work on it and the effect will be closer to your idea. If you don’t have any specific idea, we will suggest you, what we think is the best solution.

Test website

After recieving your project we’ll begin to work on it. On the test website, at the domain availabe only to you and us, we will post the first proposal of our work. The test website will be placed on our server.

Acceptance of the project

If you’ll find our proposal to be differ from previous findings, we will correct it still the intended effect is gained. This stage ends with your final acceptance of the project.

Inserting the content

Afterwards you’ll get access to the admin panel of the test website. You’ll be able to insert the content by yourself: the texts and media. We use WordPress for web development, so you’ll operate a friendly and easy-use admin panel (CMS). If you’ll have any problems you can count on our help.

Implementation of the project

The last stage is transferring the website on your server. For this cause, we’re going to need an FTP client data to the domain directory on your server (host/port name, login and password) and the MySQL database data (database name, database username, its password, server host name). If you’ll have any difficulties in obtaining these data, you can assign us a temporary access to your server admin panel. If you don’t have your server yet, you can use our hosting.

Our team :)

MARK PACYNA РIT consultant

Mark Pacyna - IT consultant

DARIUS GROCHOCKI – WordPress developer

Darius Grochocki - WordPress developer